Modern Views, Chain Reaction - Original

I had so much fun working with Fabric Café on their book, Modern Views. Each step along the way was simple to understand and the fabric choices are amazing! I enjoyed it so much that I decided to take step-by-step photos and share them with you. These quilts are so simple and easy, these steps may not be necessary, but I know how every little bit helps. So please enjoy my photos and descriptions of what I have done for each.

Getting Started
Before starting your quilt, be sure to review the information on page 2 and 3 of the Modern Views book. It has helpful information about fabric selection, cutting, enlarging your quilt, and finishing. It's a quick and informative read through, SO DON'T SKIP IT. You will need this information to complete your quilt successfully.

Before cutting you will need to identify your fabrics as fabric #1, fabric #2, and fabric #3. The Positioning Fabric in the Quilt section on page 2 is a big help with this. Remember, the position of your light, medium and dark fabric could change the look of your quilt. If you like the look in the photo, position your medium fabric as fabric #1, your light as fabric #2, and you dark as fabric #3.

Once you have determined which number each fabric is assigned, we can begin cutting. Read through the cutting first, but don't get overwhelmed. Take the steps one at a time and cut them exactly as stated. The cutting is designed to get the maximum benefit out of your one yard, and changing the order will result in not having enough fabric.

Fabric #1
Here are a couple of my fabric #1 cuts.

Cut the 2¼"  x WOF strips into 10, 2¼ x 4". 


Cut the 2½" x WOF into 2½" squares and then in half to create the half square triangle.
Fabric #2And a couple of my fabric #2 cuts.

Cut 7½" x 7½" blocks.

Cut 4" x 4" block from a 7½" x 7½" block.

Fabric #3
Fabric #3 cuts are very similar to the cuts from fabric #1.
Here are all of my cuts ready for piecing. I keep them in piles always stacking the fabric colors #1, #2, and #3, left to right, so I remember which one is which.
Step 1
Block "A" and "B" assembly require you to trace the template from the pattern and cut it out. I used a piece of scrap paper to trace the triangle. I then cut it out and taped it to the edge of my ruler.

I then lined up the triangle on the ruler with the corner of the 7½" x 7½" block.

Cut the corner off the block.

Repeat this for all four corners.

Now, sew the fabric #1, 2½" x 2½" half square triangles to each corner. Make 12 blocks.

Repeat these steps for Block "B" using the fabric #3, 2½" x 2½" half square triangles. Make 6 of Block "B".
The completed blocks.
Step 2
Time to make Block "C" and "D". These will go fast! Make 8 Unit "A" and 9 Unit "B". The photo shows the parts you will use and their placement.

Next you will sew the 2¼" x 7½"  strips to each side of these units.

The completed blocks.

Step 3
I love this part of the quilt making process! Because the quilt really starts coming together and I can see what it's going to look like. So fun!

Sew two different rows. Row "A" will alternate block "A" and "C". Make 4 of these. Row "B" alternates block "D" and "B". Make 3 of these.

Once you have your rows assembled, it's time to sew the rows together and make the top. You will alternate row "A" and "B".

Step 4
For the first border use fabric #3, 1½" strips. Sew the strips end to end. Then, from this long strip, sew to each side of the quilt. I cut the strip with scissors, a little longer than the top and bottom of the quilt top, then press, and then use my rotary cutter and ruler to trip them evenly.

Using the same long strip, sew it to the top and bottom.

For border #2 use fabric #1 and the same sequence of steps for border #1 (sew ends together, sew long piece to sides, then top and bottom).

Finish up with border #3 using fabric #1 and the same sequence as the other borders.

Isn't it gorgeous?!?!

I appreciate being able to work with the amazing quilts in Modern Views. If you would like the full pattern for Chain Reaction, (and 7 other beautiful patterns included in Modern Views) be sure to visit Fabric Café. They also have an amazing selection of fabric to choose from.

Time to start the next quilt from the Modern Views book.



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