Thursday, July 23, 2015

On the Road–Hershey Quilt Show–Day #1

All set up and ready to greet quilters. Lots of 3-yard fabric bundles waiting for a new home!
HersheyQuiltShow-Sample Quilts-1
We love showing off some of our quilt patterns made with new fabric bundles (L to R): Byzantine Doors, Simply Strips and Stepping Up (**New Pattern**)
More Quilt Pattern samples displayed (L to R): Checkmate, Awareness Ribbons, Perfect Pets (Both Puppy & Kitten **New Pattern)
Some last minute shopping.  It was a busy day and we got to meet lots of new and returning friends. Quilt Pattern Samples: Back Wall (L to R): Porch Rails (**New Pattern**), Friendship Star, Checkmate.  On the end of the Center Table (back to front): Sew Quick, Tumbling Triangles and Pretty Simple.
HersheyQuiltShow2015-End of Day1
End of Day #1 – Closing up the booth for the night.  Will be bringing in more boxes of 3-yard fabric bundles and restocking the kits.
Hope to see you 10 AM – 6 PM tomorrow & Saturday or 10 AM to 4 PM on Sunday!
Mary Ellen

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Let the Show Begin–Quilt Odyssey, Hershey, PA July 23-26

We’re on the road again, and have the booth all ready at the Hershey Lodge & Convention Center.  Weather forecast is for a beautiful weekend.

Quilt Odyssey, Hershey, PA – Fabric Café Booth 408, July 23-26, 2015

The past several months we’ve been making quilt samples to hang in the booth so you can see how our patterns look made with some of our current fabric bundles.

Here are some of the quilts that have been made and are hanging in our booth in Hershey.

Checkmate Quilt Pattern - Baseball

Quilt Pattern: Checkmate made in Blue/Cream/Baseball Novelty Fabric

Stepping Up Quilt Pattern - Red-Black-White

**New** Quilt Pattern: Stepping Up made in White & Black with Red Fabric


**New** Quilt Pattern: Big Picture made with a large center of Cat Novelty Fabric and accented with Pink & White/Black Dots.. 

Byzantine Door-Quilt Pattern - Blues-Greens

Quilt Pattern: Byzantine Doors made with Batik-look marbled fabric accented with Black.


**New** Quilt Pattern: Perfect Pets made with Novelty Cartoon Dogs on aqua fabric with White Dots on Black and White Fabric.

SquareDanceQuiltPattern-Going Dottie

Quilt Pattern: Square Dance made with large colorful dots, with Yellow & Green Fabrics.


Quilt Pattern: Nine Plus One made with Cupcake Novelty Fabric and Pink & White accent fabrics.


Quilt Pattern: Topsy Turvey made with Novelty Flower Fabric with Pink & Yellow accent fabrics.

Boxes n Bows Quilt Pattern-Black-White

**New** Quilt Pattern: Boxes and Bows made with Black/Stripes/Boxes

We would love to show you these quilts and more --  New Patterns/Books, Fun Fabric Bundles.  Come & visit with Robert, Donna & ME – we’d love to hear that you follow the Fabric Café Blog!!  Find a 3-yard Bundle you like & pick a Free Pattern to go with it.  Hundreds of 3-yard Bundles and over 30 patterns to choose from!

See you there!

Mary Ellen

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Let the Show Begin–Oklahoma City–July 17-18, 2015

We love visiting with our customers at Quilt Shows. This week we can be found at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds in the Cox Pavilion.

Central Oklahoma Quilter’s Guild’s Celebration of Quilts 2015 “35 Years – Still Piecing” 

During the year we stay busy making quilts to display in our booth at Quilt Shows.  Sometimes they are old patterns made with new fabrics.  Other times they may be new patterns.

Before a new pattern is released, we have multiple people edit it and then we have a tester to actually make a quilt using the pattern.  Here are tops I got to make using two of our newest patterns.

  • Strip Happy Quilt Pattern

This is the fabric selected for the Strip Happy Quilt Pattern.

3-Yard Bundle of Fabric

Patriotic 3-Yard Bundle used for new Strip Happy Quilt Pattern

Strip Happy Quilt Pattern

Strip Happy Quilt Pattern – Finished Size: 46” x 62”

  • Porch Rails Quilt Pattern


3-Yard Bundle used for new Porch Rails Quilt Pattern


Porch Rails Quilt Pattern. Finished Size: 45-1/2” x 60-1/2”

Check out our Facebook Page to see pictures of our booth and the many quilts hanging for your viewing pleasure.

Fabric Cafe Booth-OK City Quilt Show 2015

Hope you get a chance to come & see us if you are in the Oklahoma City area.

Happy Stitching!

Mary Ellen

Friday, July 10, 2015

Been Busy Lately

We’re getting ready for a couple of shows -

July 17-18: A Celebration of Quilts 2015 – “35 Years – Still Piecing” presented by the Central Oklahoma Quilter’s Guild at the Cox Pavilion of the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds.

July 23-26: Quilt Odyssey 2015 at the Hershey Lodge & Convention Center in Hershey, PA.

During the year, one thing that keeps us busy is making quilts to display at our shows.  We like to have actual quilts made up in the current fabrics so you can see just how our patterns look with our 3-yard Bundles.

Here are two finished tops that are heading to the long arm quilter and will be on display at shows later this year.

Perfect Pets – with the Puppy Appliqué and Chenille by the Inch

Perfect Pets Polka Dot Puppies Quilt Pattern
Finished Size: 42” x 53” .This pattern has two options for the appliqué – a Puppy or a Kitty or if you’d like, use both!  The tail is created with Chenille by the Inch and the Puppy has a Chenille by the Inch nose!
Nine Patch – In Christmas Red and Green with Pine Trees border

Nine Patch Quilt Pattern Christmas Red & Green with Trees
Finished Size: 44-1/2” x 62-1/2” This pattern is one of the longer quilt patterns.  Made easy with strip piecing, this top works up very quickly and has two borders.
Looking forward to getting to see you at a show!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Scant Quarter Inch

If you've attended one of my lectures on the Amazing Economy Quilt, you've heard me mention what a difference it makes when you calibrate for the perfect scant 1/4". Here are two slides from one of my presentations.

I also read a great Moda Blog that you may appreciate.

To see a slide presentation from the Amazing Economy Quilt lecture check out February post below.
And if you are looking for a fun program for your quilt guild, contact me at 

Happy Stitching!
Donna Robertson

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The History of Old Fashion Chenille

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Monday, February 23, 2015

How to turn a Perfect Quarter Inch

You are going to love how easy it is to press up a quarter inch! Often a pattern will state, press up raw edge 1/4". And although there are lots of suggestions for turning this edge, I use to find the outcome of my efforts less than satisfying.

Here's a way to perform this step with accuracy and create a nice crisp turn, which is essential for getting nice straight top-stitching. In the end, you get better looking finished projects. Look at the area where the black dot fabric meets the white sweatshirt. Every edge is nice and straight.

So what's the secret? Wonder Tape! This is a water-soluble, quarter-inch-wide basting tape that is slightly tacky/sticky on one side with a paper backing on the other.  It will not gum up you needles and once you finish your project, one trip through the washer and the Wonder Tape dissolves. So let's see how to do this simple method.
Just run a strip of Wonder Tape all along  the raw edge to be turned, pressing the tacky side of the tape to the edge of the fabric.

When you finish applying the Wonder Tape, it will look like this.

Next, begin turning  the quarter inch to the wrong side of the fabric, using the paper edge of the Wonder Tape to get a sharp turn.

Use a hot iron (no steam) to press the turned up edge.

Beginning at one end, separating the tacky side of the tape from the paper, removing the paper and finger pressing the turned up edge in place.

Now you have a perfectly turned quarter inch with a nice shape edge. Your project is ready for the next step in the pattern instructions.

You can find Wonder Tape in the notions section of Fabric Cafe. Fabric Cafe Notions